Premium Room with Balcony

  • ワイヤレス・インターネット
  • 紅茶/コーヒーメーカー
  • 禁煙
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  • バス
  • バルコニー
  • デスク
  • キングサイズ・ベッド
  • 2備え付けられ た ベッド ル ー
  • ルームサービス
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Be delighted by one of our three premium mountain view rooms with balconies which will leave you breathless as you experience a bird's eye view of the lush blue mountains in all her glory. Ideal for couples as well as families as one of these premium rooms is furnished with either a king-sized bed or two double beds per room.

These 200 square foot rooms are complete with either a king-sized bed or two double beds with luxurious crisp white cotton linens. Also furnished with a vanity area and oversized chair. 

The large bathroom offers a large walk-in glass shower and marble vanity. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including complimentary high-speed internet, Blue Mountain coffee in-room coffee pot.